SarahLike many people in today’s world, I have gone through a few career changes; I’ve also gone through a good number of city and country changes. Throughout it all, however, a love of words and language has been a constant.

Along the way, I’ve worked in international organizations, taught English as a foreign and second language, managed a high school English department, and supported teachers at an English-language immersion facility. I also earned Master’s degrees in both International Affairs and English. In 2014 I became an independent writer and editor.

A little more about some of my biggest passions:

  • Writing: Writing has been a central part of my responsibilities in all of the positions I have held; once my aptitude became apparent, the writing assignments seemed to just keep coming! I have extensive experience in writing annual reports, work programs, meeting/situation reports, articles, informational/promotional materials, website copy, and official UN documents. I also write personal essays and non-fiction.
  • Editing: After editing a sustainable development newsletter with a circulation of 10,000+, I went on to become a “go-to” person for editorial assistance in all of my other subsequent positions. I also have extensive paid editing experience, particularly in relation to academic work (including theses, dissertations, and journal articles) by both native and non-native English speakers and professional school application materials.
  • Traveling: Exploring other cultures and countries feels almost as important to me as breathing (I have visited 60+ so far and lived, held jobs, and studied in ten). Since late 2014 I have been working as a digital nomad and following a “have laptop, will travel” lifestyle. I am currently in Europe, but who knows – I may be coming soon to a city near you!
  • Veganism: Being exposed to the ideas of Francis Moore Lappé was the spark that led me to becoming a vegetarian on my fifteenth birthday. After learning more about other benefits of leading a cruelty- and animal product-free lifestyle, I went fully vegan in 2005. These decisions have enriched my life in more ways than I could possibly have imagined, and I have never looked back.